FGHA Sector G-14

Sector G-14 is a well-established and sought-after residential sector in Islamabad, known for its peaceful environment, convenient location, and high standard of living.

About Project

Developed by the Federal Government Housing Authority, Sector G14, is a popular and thriving residential community in Islamabad, offering a high quality of life and modern amenities to its residents.

Sector G-14 is located in the southwestern part of Islamabad. It is adjacent to Sector F-11 and Sector G-13. The sector is easily accessible through Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway. The Islamabad Metrobus runs along the Kashmir Highway, providing quick and easy access to various parts of this society. Sector G-14 has several commercial areas that offer a range of products and services. The market in the sector is well-stocked, and it provides everything from grocery items to clothing and accessories. The sector also has several restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets, providing a range of food options for its residents. It is well-connected to other parts of Islamabad through public transport. Sector G-14 is a residential area that mainly consists of houses and plots. The houses are available in various sizes and designs, ranging from small houses to luxurious villas providing a more affordable housing option. It offers a peaceful and secure residential experience, with well-maintained parks, 24/7 security, uninterrupted electricity and water supply, and a well-functioning sewerage system.

Exclusive Amenities


Sector G-14 has a well-organized 24/7 security system that ensures the safety of its residents through round-the-clock surveillance,  controlled entry/exit points, and active CCTV cameras. 

Commercial Areas

Sector G-14 has several commercial areas that offer a range of products and services, including markets, shopping centers and provides everything from grocery items to clothing and accessories

Community center

The sector has a community center that provides facilities like a gym, swimming pool, and indoor games, and also organizes various programs and events to encourage community participation.

Electricity & Water

Sector G-14 has uninterrupted electricity and water supply, with minimal power outages and a water supply system that provides clean and safe drinking water and a sewerage system.


The sector has a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer a range of cuisines, and fresh and healthy food to cater to the diverse taste of its residents and impress their taste buds.

Park & Play grounds

Sector G-14 has several well-maintained parks and playgrounds that provide a green, natural, and peaceful environment for its residents to relax and enjoy recreational activities.


The sector has several schools that offer quality education to its residents, including both primary and secondary level education to provide your children with better standards of education.

Sewerage System

Sector G-14 has a well-maintained sewerage system that ensures proper disposal of waste and wastewater, contributing to a clean and healthy environment for its residents.

Payment Plan

Sector G14 offers flexible payment plans to potential buyers, providing a range of options to help make purchasing property more accessible and convenient.

Why Sector G-14 is the Perfect Place to Build Your Future in Islamabad?

Sector G14 in Islamabad is an ideal location for those looking to build their future. It offers a prime location with easy access to major roads, public transportation, schools, and hospitals. The sector also boasts modern infrastructure, including reliable electricity, water, and sewerage systems. There are a variety of real estate options available in Sector G14, including plots, houses, and apartments, catering to the needs of different buyers. Additionally, the sector has several amenities such as educational institutions, health facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and sports facilities. All these factors make Sector G14 a great place to live, work, and invest in.

Key Features of CDA Sector I-15 and I-16


Sector G14 is strategically located in the heart of Islamabad, with easy access to major roads, public transportation, schools, hospitals, and commercial areas.


The sector boasts well-maintained roads, parks, green spaces, and other public spaces, along with reliable electricity, water, and sewerage systems.


The sector has a vibrant and diverse community, with residents from different backgrounds and cultures, creating a sense of inclusivity and harmony.

Investment potential

Sector G14 is considered a prime real estate investment location, with the potential for high returns on investment due to its location, amenities, and growing demand.